Pirates still lay claim to NPHL record

Chris Clegg
NPHL.com Writer

The seven goals given up by the Dawson Creek Canucks in their first five playoff games is not an NPHL playoff record, but it is the third best mark in league history.
In all, only nine times has a team given up 10 goals or less in their first five playoff games. And of those eight teams so far, five of them went on to win the NPHL title. Also of interest, that list includes five different teams: Falher, Peace River, Grimshaw, Dawson Creek and Spirit River.

It wasn’t that long ago [2011-12] when the Falher Pirates set the mark, giving up only five goals in five games.
Peace River is second on the list when they surrendered only six goals in five games in 1966-67.
Dawson Creek is fourth on the list, giving up nine goals in five games in 1999-2000.
Five other teams gave up 10 goals in their first five games. Surprisingly, High Prairie is not the list given their long playoff history and success.
Following is the list:

Least Goals Allowed in NPHL Playoffs
[Through team’s first 5 games played]

Year     	Team	GP	GA	Opponents

*2011-12 FAL 5 5 VV 4-5; GRIM 1-0
*1966-67 PR 5 6 GRIM 4-4; FAIR 1-2
-2018-19 DC 5 7 MAN 4-6; GP 1-1
-1999-20 DC 5 9 FAIR 4-4; SR 1-5
*1960-61 GRIM 5 10 FAL 4-7; HP 1-3
-1996-97 FAIR 5 10 VV 3-5; SR 2-5
*2001-02 DC 5 10 HP 3-6; PR-GRIM 2-4
*2007-08 SR 5 10 GRIM 3-7; GP 2-3
-2012-13 FAL 5 10 GRIM 4-8; LAKE 1-2

*denotes NPHL champion.
NOTE: Under opponents, the first number indicates games
played; the second number is goals given up.
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