NPHL Goal Scoring Up 11.5% This Season

Chris Clegg Writer

If you thought goal scoring in the NPHL was up this year, you were right.
Through the first 20 games this season, scoring was up 11.5% over last season’s total in 2017-18.
In fact, at the current rate, scoring is at its highest level in NPHL play in five seasons. Here are the numbers:

2014-15 – 8.83 goals per game.
2015-16 – 8.79 goals per game.
2016-17 – 10.01 goals per game
2017-18 – 10.00 goals per game.
2018-19 – 11.15 goals per game.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of games. Whether this will continue is anyone’s guess.
Of interest, the 2015-16 was the lowest per game goal total in NPHL history, barely lower than the 2014-15 total.
Anyone claiming there were fewer goals in the “good old day” is absolutely wrong.
The 1997-98 season was the highest per game goal total in NPHL history. Teams played 11 games and scored 1,900 goals for an average of 13.19 goals per game.

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