Lawrence Cup Showdown in DC Saturday

Chris Clegg Writer

Bragging rights will be on the line tonight in Dawson Creek when the Canucks host the Falher Pirates.
The game will decided the Lawrence Cup, awarded to the team with the most points in the regular season.

DC [15-4-0-0 for 30 points] leads FAL [14-8-0-1 for 29 points] by one point in the race for first. FAL must win in regulation time to claim the title.
If FAL were to win in regulation they would have one more point than DC. DC would have a better win percentage [.750 to FAL’s .646] but the NPHL does not use win percentage to decide the Lawrence Cup.
Placing first does not matter in regard to playoffs. The East Division holds home ice advantage based on a rotation schedule.
The Lawrence Cup is awarded in honour of High Prairie’s Ike Lawrence. He served on the High Prairie Regals’ executive for many years, and also as NPHL president in 1964-65, and again from 1967-68 to 1972-73.