History not on DC’s side in Game 6

Chris Clegg
NPHL.com Writer

NPHL.com research reveals that GP is the 19th team in NPHL history with the chance to clinch the NPHL title on home ice in Game 6.
In the previous 18 games, the home team is 13-5.

However, if DC is able to win, history suggests the advantage shifts back to DC. If the road team wins Game 6, they have won four of five Game 7 deciding games on home ice. The only team to win on the road was the Falher Pirates in 2011-12 in Grande Prairie.
DC has faced elimination in Game 6 only three times in their team history. DC lost 3-0 at Spirit River in 2000. They then defeated GP 7-4 at home in 2010, and lost at home in 2011-12 to SR 5-4 in overtime.
GP has also only had two chances to clinch a series in six games in their history. GP won 5-2 at Peace River in 2006 and lost 7-4 at DC in 2010.
Incredibly, this is the first time GP has had a chance to clinch a playoff series in six games at home.