GP at MAN: Penalties by the Numbers

Chris Clegg Writer

Detailed penalty stats have been tracked by NPHL statistician Chris Clegg since the start of the 1991 season.
On Jan. 5, Grande Prairie and Manning amassed 313 penalties in minutes [PIMs]. It ranks fourth all-time in that span. Here are the top four:

1. 444 PIMs – Hythe at DC on Feb. 11, 1999
2. 373 PIMs – SR at MAN on Nov. 20, 1998
3. 339 PIMs – DC at HP on Oct. 30, 1999
4. 313 PIMs – GP at MAN on Jan. 5, 2019

It also broke the record for PIMs in a game involving GP. The previous mark involved the same two teams which was 254 PIMs:

Nov. 15, 2003: MAN [116 PIMs] at GP [138 PIMs]

Eight players were suspended in the recent game:

GP: Tyrell Mason, Kiefen Smiley and Paul Larocque.
MAN: Bo Asmussen, Trevor Mortson, Bo Fedorowicz, Dalton Ducharme and Tom Dechant.

Here is a partial breakdown of the penalties called:

3 gross misconducts
4 double game misconducts
1 misconduct
7 game misconducts
10 fighting majors
1 fighting double major
10 minor stick foul penalties
1 stick foul double minor [spearing]

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